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Lip augmentation or enhancement

Dr. Hoefflin offers a extensive array of injectable augmentation products, i.e. Restylane®, Juvaderm™, Perlane®, and Evolence. Dr. Hoefflin is a national consultant and has traveled extensively to teach other plastic surgeon about the newest techniques and products in lip enhancement or augmentation. To read more about Dr. Hoefflin’s article on the newest lip augmentation products, click here. Dr. Hoefflin performs all his own injectables, rather than have his staff provide these services.As we age, we lose volume in our lips and can develop wrinkles around both the lips and corners of the mouth. Lip augmentation or enhancement can be done through a variety of techniques and products to greatly improve both the youthfulness and beauty of your lips. Dr. Hoefflin is considered an expert in facial rejuvenation, and because of his in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy as a plastic surgeon, he has written articles of “creating beautiful lips.”

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